Virgo Man & Gemini Woman Compatibility: Perfect Match?

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I have been in love with a gemini for a long time. @ Its weird because my cousin is in the army and hes a gemini and shes a virgo and something happened between them also after he came back from deployment from Irag. He would not tell me exactly what went wrong but they are divorce. One key advice is pls don’t think ur guy is not rest less like u jus tht thy don’t express it and u ovr re-act thoar of time.. Omg this is so accurate now that I have a better understanding of our relationship.

I feel the same about a gemini man from years ago. Predictably the love connection was short-lived (maybe three weeks at best?). He disappeared and then resurfaced a few years later, a little older and maybe wiser too, but still restless in his soul. As I had learned from Love Signs, Sagittarius are dreamers. They’re always flying off in search of adventure. Holding down a conventional job was never going to be his thing.

The battle offen happens in the party, and other social funny events. Another amazing factor in the love, Both of zodiacs have tendency to devote for their love without any consideration. If they can feel the honesty, sympathy, backing-up from their partner, they will be eager to thrive for lover’s satisfaction and happines. Beside the improvement of each, communication is such a saviour. The Gemini and Virgo always has a unique difference approach method toward issues in the life.

The Virgo man is known for analyzing, organizing, and, of course, criticizing everyone and everything in sight. The biggest victim of his criticisms, however, is himself as he often is caught up in chasing a dream of perfection. As touched on previously, his expectations for himself and the love of his life often come down considerably with time. It is often the partner of a Virgo that becomes the impetus for his growth, as it can be difficult for him to hear beyond the echo chamber of his own chiding criticism. The reality is that, while compatibility is possible, it will certainly take some work. The reward is something to brag about, as a Virgo’s trust is both earned and unwavering.

Important traits of a Gemini man in relation to a Virgo woman

You want to feel assured your Gemini respects you—you spend a lot of time quietly perfecting various aspects of yourself, so you don’t want to be undervalued. Before you admit Gemini into your home, or into your most intimate thoughts, you want to know the Twins will not treat recklessly. You often understand each other in a way signs ruled by other planets cannot understand.

It’s often the lady poor issue and you may the woman is constantly seeking to save yourself the world. She usually would like to instruct some body regarding her failures and render a logical acquisition to all the a mess and you can dilemma prevalent doing the lady. A complement anywhere between a beneficial Gemini man and you may good Virgo woman is also end up being slightly contradictory since they’re each other different characters. A look at the people behind some of the best costumes on the second day of the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo at McCormick Place. Gifts, goodies and financial windfalls might come your way. Meanwhile, unexpected changes to inheritances, wills, insurance matters or something related to shared property are also likely.

Ah, if “Tyrone” isn’t a Virgo, he sure plays a good one on tv, lol. As a Gemini women who dealt with mostly Virgo men I can say we relate in a lot of ways. When we are together it’s as if only we matter we fit into one another lIke a puzzle piece It’s like we are dancing on Mercury in space and nobody can come between that. The sex doesn’t help because it’s so good we can’t resist.


Leo men love holidays in particular, so perhaps this older man will take you away to the beach for a weekend together. One of the best perks of dating older men is that they tend to be more mature – obviously. However, with an Aries guy in particular, he appreciates the opportunity to take on leadership roles.

This combination can be a good choice for business partners and for individuals. Both individuals can benefit from a relationship with a Gemini woman. Ultimately, a Virgo woman and Gemini man can form a harmonious alliance and enjoy an excellent relationship.

Gemini Man in Love

The fluidity of these signs enables them to have more fulfilling sexual experiences. Gemini and Cancer couples are also highly attracted to each other which brings a good amount of joy and romance into the relationship. The problem wouldn’t solve itself, especially if both individuals in the relationship do not want to talk about it nor are just expecting one to initiate the talking. Gemini and Cancer couples should learn how to properly express their feelings without rubbing each other off in the wrong way. Cancer on the other hand can give emotional stability and grounding energy to the flighty Gemini.

It’s that overly friendly, very outgoing personality of theirs. You’ll usually find quite a large friend group around a Gemini man, with plenty of others you may consider “competition”. To a Gemini, everyone is considered a friend until proven otherwise, so they accept anyone into their life happily. The symbol for a Gemini is a two-faced coin, or double-edged insignia, soulmate com so the stereotype that a Gemini is two-faced has been the most popular notion in Astrology groups. While this may be a true downside to being born under the Gemini constellation, there is plenty of pros to balance the cons. Denise is an experienced practitioner of astrology, interested to discover and share with everyone how astrology can inspire and change lives.

She always charms her Virgo lover with her qualities but never feels dependent on him. She never bores her man rather she delights and amuses him most of the time, keeping spark and brightness in their relationship. If a Virgo man and Gemini woman form a romantic relationship which leads to marriage, they will have already solved a lot of the potential difficulties between them. She has a short attention span and is easily bored.